Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Everybody seems to be crazy for Barack Obama... and I 'm one of the many believers that can't wait for a fresh new start... ahhh so fresh.. mmm taste the air, taste fresh! I'm tired of this Bush/Clinton domination!!! I know that Obama has promised us the world, and not all of his promises will be kept, but fuck it... he has giving us something that we all need in this country right know "HOPE", he is making us see a brighter future. and he's not bad on the eyes either...Holla at me Barack! It's going to be Historic I tell you...Barack Obama Let's Do This Man!!!
The Obama poster above is a Upper Playground x Date Farmers Limited Edition Screen Prints
The Following is an excerpt from the Upper Playground website:

On March 4th, 2008, Barack Obama has the chance to secure the Democratic Party nomination for President by winning the delegates in both Texas and Ohio. To help secure Obama's bid, Upper Playground has asked the Date Farmers to create a campaign poster to be mass-distributed on offset posters throughout Texas prior to the primary in that state. Upper Playground is offering the same image as a limited-edition screen print of the Date Farmers' Obama 2008 campaign poster through
There will only be 300 limited-edition copies of the poster signed and numbered by the artist available (price is $200 each). All proceeds from the sales of the Date Farmers' Obama 2008 screen print will go directly to creating more campaign posters and stickers by other artist in support of Obama's bid for President. the limited-edition screen prints are a pre-sale item, and will not be shipped until march 7th, 2008.

So there you go Tejanos and Ohioans go out there and Vote on March 4th!!!! Barack Obama all the way...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


So the Warriors won last week against the Phoenix Suns... YayyyYeah, there was no doubt in my mind. My man and I when to the game and it was fucking awesome. He's a Suns fan, so he was pretty bummed out, but for me it was a Celebration Bitches!!! Shout Out to my Boo Baron Davis...I Love Him!!!
Tonight my all time favorite team the L.A. Lakers played the Suns...and what??? Hell Yeah we won...Score 124-130. Shaquille O'Neal has just been traded in to the Phoenix Suns, and he played against his old friend and teammate Kobe Bryant. The Lakers are Classic and you just can't fuck with that son...
OOOOHHHHHH!!!! This just in... The Warriors just won against the Celtics... Score117-119. I'm watching the game as I blog. What a fucking sick ass game... the score was super close, but like always WE ARE THE WARRIORS!!!! and we kick ass...and yes, my Boo Baron Davis made the winning shot. My roommate Lucas is cursing at the tv screen cuz he's from Boston and he's a sore LOSER. My other roommate Reamer is at the actual game in Oakland, he's from Baltimore but likes to act like he's from Cali cuz he was all decked out in Warriors colors.
 Oh well, they should know better.
That's all for my B-Ball Update.....

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I "Simpsonize" myself last night. It's pretty cool, you just go to the website: and you download a picture of yourself to become a Simpson character. I know this website has been out there for a minute but I just tried it to see if it would look like me, and it does. Except its missing my hoop earrings and black liquid eyeliner that I'm never without. I'm such a breezy...


I'm going to the Warriors game tomorrow...Yayyyy!!! They are totally gonna kick the Phoenix Suns ass. My man is from Phoenix so of course that's his team, but I'm a straight up Cali girl so the Warriors is my team. To prove this I got my nails did like I always do but this time in Warriors colors with hella bling bling and everythang. Hella cute, right? Go Warriors!!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008


"A memoir of growing up as a girl in revolutionary Iran, Persepolis provides a unique glimpse into a nearly unknown and unreachable way of life... That Satrapi chose to tell her remarkable story as a gorgeous comic book makes it totally unique and indispensable." - Time
I'm currently reading the book "The Complete Persepolis" by Marjane Satrapi, and I'm enjoying it very much.  It's a hella cute book, and creatively different, for its in a comic strip format.  Now in theaters is the motion picture Persepolis, I can't wait to go see it but for now here is a little preview. 

TINA!!!!!! TINA!!!!!! TINA!!!!!

The 2008 Grammy's were on last night... When Tina Turner and Beyonce performed it freaked me out to see Tina look so fucking awesome for being like 100 years old. It even made me get up my lazy ass and look her up on Wikipedia. She was born in 1939, so that makes her 68 years old and she was hella shaking that bootay.  Mad props to TINA and to Beyounce cuz they always be looking hella fresh. 

Sunday, February 10, 2008


I just gave birth to my very first blog ever!!! I'm sooo excited...I'm slowly getting over my fear of technology and learning new things everyday about this computer thingy. This blog is a space for my breezys and I to share ideas, give props to our peepz, talk shit, vent, and communicate with ya'll. So watch out cuz HELLA BREZZYS just logged in...!!!