Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Everybody seems to be crazy for Barack Obama... and I 'm one of the many believers that can't wait for a fresh new start... ahhh so fresh.. mmm taste the air, taste fresh! I'm tired of this Bush/Clinton domination!!! I know that Obama has promised us the world, and not all of his promises will be kept, but fuck it... he has giving us something that we all need in this country right know "HOPE", he is making us see a brighter future. and he's not bad on the eyes either...Holla at me Barack! It's going to be Historic I tell you...Barack Obama Let's Do This Man!!!
The Obama poster above is a Upper Playground x Date Farmers Limited Edition Screen Prints
The Following is an excerpt from the Upper Playground website:

On March 4th, 2008, Barack Obama has the chance to secure the Democratic Party nomination for President by winning the delegates in both Texas and Ohio. To help secure Obama's bid, Upper Playground has asked the Date Farmers to create a campaign poster to be mass-distributed on offset posters throughout Texas prior to the primary in that state. Upper Playground is offering the same image as a limited-edition screen print of the Date Farmers' Obama 2008 campaign poster through
There will only be 300 limited-edition copies of the poster signed and numbered by the artist available (price is $200 each). All proceeds from the sales of the Date Farmers' Obama 2008 screen print will go directly to creating more campaign posters and stickers by other artist in support of Obama's bid for President. the limited-edition screen prints are a pre-sale item, and will not be shipped until march 7th, 2008.

So there you go Tejanos and Ohioans go out there and Vote on March 4th!!!! Barack Obama all the way...

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