Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Jesse tattooing Don Calavera... and Kat sewing a little dress for herself @ DERMAFILIA last thursday night!!!
Me blogging and making sketches for my next tattoo on April 13th...I'm so excited!!!

Thursday nights is Art Night at Dermafilia, a tattoo and piercing shop in the Mission owned by our friend Wilson and his lovely wife Mrs. K-Tuff. Wilson, Jesse, and Don Calavera tattoo and pierce, while K-Tuff makes one of a kind clothing, stencils and dope jewelry for sale at Dermafilia. Me and my friend/co-worker Kat bounce to Dermafilia  after working all day at the Wak Shack Salon. Kat's boyfriend Jesses, and my boyfriend Marcial meet us there for a full night of art making, beer drinking and blunt smoking!!! It's always super fun... drawing, sewing, painting, tattooing, singing, eating, dancing, blogging, drinking, smoking, talking, creating... Big Ups to DERMAFILIA for hosting our weekly Art Night... See y'all next thursday!!!!


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