Wednesday, April 23, 2008


So I have decided to blog about all my very favorite movies, maybe a weekly movie blog...  I blogged about "Blood In Blood Out" a few weeks ago because I was surprised to learn how many people hadn't seen it. I love discovering awesome movies that I've never head of... so I want to share some dope films and hopefully someone will find their new favorite movie.

"American Me" starring and directed by Edward James Olmos, and based on a true story has been one of my favorite movies for many many years. I first saw this movie with my dad... I was 8yrs. when this movie came out in 1992 and I probably shouldn't be watching it for it's a rated R movie... but whatever I was mature beyond my years...

 This film shows the reality of gang banging and gang violence "La Vida Loca" I guess... In and out of State Prisons. For me this movie depicts Gang Life to the fullest, so real, so raw, and so honest... Brown Pride, Black Pride and Arian Pride is all represented and all hell breaks loose in San Quentin State Prison... I'm not a film critic, and I'm not trying to write a movie review so here is a clip and hopefully it will inspire you to rent it and watch it in full cuz it's out of control... I Love It!!!! 

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