Tuesday, April 22, 2008


This past Sunday I met up with the lovely M.I.S.S. Liz Baca from The Goods
and the super talented Amanda Lopez
for a photoshoot for XLR8R magazine. We shot in my hood "La Mission" here in SF. We all had a blast... it was just like homies kicking it on a Sunday afternoon. We gotta keep the shots pictures on the DL until the issue comes out this June/July, but here is a little behind the scenes action...
(Jorge hooking up Yadira w/ some eyeliner)
(Jorge again w/ Vanessa)

(Kat giving me some big ass chola hair)
(Miss Liz working her magic)
Shout out to all the homies involved in this project:
Miss Liz for making us look so Firme and for hooking me up with the gig! Amanda for working her magic with la camara like always. Kat for hooking us up with dope chola hair. Jorge for making us look ligit with the makeup. Candee for hooking the Rucas up with some ghetto nails. Derek for driving our asses around in his rock star van. Julio and Erico for being our Firme Vatos for the day. To the Ladies Vanessa, Yadira, and Jen for making it so Official. and last to the beautiful people and vibe of the Mission, we couldn't have done it with out you!!!

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