Sunday, September 6, 2009


Every first Sunday of the month I wake up at the crack of dawn to go check out the Alameda Antique Fair. It's crazy huge, full of booths filled with treasures from the past. It takes me at least three hours to walk through every aisle, and that's a fast walk-through. The furniture there is so dope, but a little pricey for me, but you can always find bargains and awesome deals. I look forward to it every month. Lets see a few things that caught my eye: 
E.T. and me chilling like the old times...

I like the mix of Old and New.... Graffiti and Antiques, Rad!!!

This fifties dinner style kids table was so cute it almost made me think of having kids, Almost!!!

Dope old bikes!!!!

Lookie Lookie what I found... a cholo lost in all the Vintage!!!

If I had a huge house big enough to hang this chandelier I would totally buy it.. it's so glamourous!!!

This was one of my favorite things I saw this Sunday at the fair... isn't it dope!


Anonymous said...

Hey Breezy. OMG Iam such a fan of yours. Holy cow you have the best taste in movies and other stuff I see. Blood Blood Out is def the best damn movie in the universe.!!!!!! Luv it!

Ivan, Queens NY

Desert Chicano said...

Chingado! I haven't seen a 10 speed bike in years. I've never been to a Antique fair, pero I will definatly be looking for one! I would have bought that table for my lil one.

La Moussy said...

Ivan: Hola, that's dope, thank you, I'm glad you like my little blog. and I love hear from peeps with similar taste ;-) Sending love out to Queens...Take Care!