Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Fruits of war follows four reformed gang members- Bullet, Rebel, Weazel, and Duke, who escaped to the United States as child refugees from El Salvador's bloody civil war.

They settled in the tough east of Los Angeles, eventually becoming involved in street gangs. When they are deported back to El Salvador, they discover a country ravaged by war, and face a new wave of violence as the LA street gangs take root in their homeland.

The Salvadoran government, with support from the US, begins a brutal crackdown on the gangs, and these four men find themselves in the middle of a conflict eerily similar to the civil war- pitting the army and police against thousands of El Salvador's poorest residents now members of the gangs.

As they come to terms with their two countries' violent histories, these former gang members redirect their lives towards helping young people deal with this legacy-

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