Sunday, May 9, 2010


On Saturday, my main Breezy Marisol a.k.a. "PartySoul" and I went to the Stanford Powwow... We got Hella Native up in that bitch...

I bought some sick beaded arrows to hang on my living room wall, and some dope jewelry...

I also got to munch on some delicious Indian Tacos, yummmmmy!!!

The dancers where awesome as always, and their outfits were soooo beautiful!!!

The Breezys had an awesome time at the powwow... it rained this morning, and I believe it was our Native Breezy rain dance that made it rain on them ho's!!!


pericolokz said...

Im loving the page homegirl. Keep doing it!
Perico Lokz

Buddha said...

Stanford Pow Wow's are the shizz. I love the Indian Tacos and the Strawberry Shortcakes on fry bread. The corn and Buffolo burgers are the bomb too. I missed the Pow Wow this year due to la crisis I couldn't afford it this year.
Thank you for the flickas , at least I can see the weather was nice out there this year.

La Moussy said...

@ Perico Loks, Thank you homie, I'm glad you enjoy browsing through my lil blog, I really appreciate the love!

@ Buddha, Yes, the Stanford Pow Wow are the shizzznit... I always enjoy going and chilling with my peeps... hopefully you make it out next year homie, I'm glad you were able to be there via my pics... gotta love the Breezy adventures, Thanks for checking out my bloggidy blog!