Tuesday, June 22, 2010


The homie Rio Yañez, and I are currently collaborating on an art series he's been working on for a while now... here's a peek into the awesomeness that's to come:

Homegirl プリクラ is a collaboration between artists Rio Yañez and Mayra Ramirez. It is the next phase of Yañez' art series examining the relationship between Japanese youth emulating Cholo and Chola culture and their counterparts in the United States. Homegirl Purikura reverses the appropriation of visual aesthetics and uses Japanese photobooths (Purikura) to create portraits of Cholas. The use of Purikura enables Yañez and Ramirez to create a hybrid visual presentation of portraits decorated in Chola cultural references but using uniquely Japanese visual tools to do so.

See the full gallery of images from this project HERE.

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