Thursday, July 15, 2010


My new amigo Dr. Lakra is currently showing at ICA in Boston, on view April14th-Sep.16th 2010. This is his first major US exhibition, and I'm really bummed I can't make it to the east coast for it. This past weekend he was part of a group show at the Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego, on view July 18th- Jan 2nd 2010. I was already out of town, and had to miss it too, yeah this made me even more La Sad Girl... but he's coming back up to SF this week, and he promised me a placaso, so hopefully it will happen cuz it would be soooo Super Hella Bomba!
And if you ever wondered what the mysterious Dr. Lakra looks and sounds like, and how he works, check out this video Converse made... Watchale con el Doctorcito!!!

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