Tuesday, July 6, 2010


A couple of weeks ago el novio and I went to the Style Kings car show "Kings by the Bay" at Cal State Hayward. It was a really nice day out, and I had a lot of fun chilling with the homies. Here's a few flickas of the show...

Angel Baby y Breezy... you like how I talk about myself in third person, hahaha Chale!

Las Bombas all nicely lined up!

Check out the TV Antenna... Chowwwww!!!

Kim and I, chilling in the sun... well me, not her so much, she burns like a lobster lol!!!

Oh Yeah, side to side...

I really need one of these for my bike... when our '53 Chevy wagon is done we gotta get one for sure, it's gonna be sweet!!!

Two Bad Bitches... Tapa y La Breezy don't fuck around ayyy!!!

Thanks for the good times Style Kings!!!

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