Monday, August 16, 2010


Last week I had a photo shoot with the homie Felipe Vazquez of Newark Califaz Photography... he really has a way of making me feel at ease, he's an amazing photographer, and he knows how to capture my Chola Essence beautifully... I got nutting but mad love for him. Thanks again homie, always a pleasure!!!


Natalya said...

You look really classy and beautiful. Way to keep it real!

La Marble$/ Marb$ said...

Way to capture the glamorous chola look. Work it.

BUDDHA said...

Looking good mamma. The camera loves you! Hey where did you get that deby jacket? I can't find them anywhere.

MeltheMos said...

Very Nice!!! WHere is the wifebeater from too??? i luv it

La Moussy said...

@ Natalya, Thanks lady, I always try to keep it really real... I love your blog btw!

@ Marble$, Gurl, you know how we do, Chowwww!!!

@ Buddha, Thank you homie... The jacket is my homeboys from an old car club from Newark,CA called "Street Life" but Derby of San Francisco is starting up the company again, if you search on Facebook under "Derby of San Francisco" they have a fan page.

@ MeltheMos, Hey girl, the wifebeater tank is from a friends line called "Chula Inc" she has really cute stuff... she has an etsy store, but also if you search on Facebook under "Chula Inc" she has a fan page.

Dust n Roses said... pretty and serene...(u remember me?)