Saturday, August 28, 2010


The Chicano Moratorium, formally known as the National Chicano Moratorium Committee, was a movement of Chicano anti-war activists that built a broad-based but fragile coalition of Mexican-American groups to organize opposition to the Vietnam War. Led by activists from local colleges and members of the "Brown Berets", a group with roots in the high school student movement that staged walkouts in 1968, the coalition peaked with
an August 29, 1970 march in East Los Angeles that drew 30,000

On August 29, 1970. Thirty thousand Chicanos from throughout the U.S. marched in the streets to protest and call for an end to the war in Vietnam. A war, much like Iraq today, that was destroying our most precious heritage…our youth. On that day, a police riot ensued and Los Angeles Times Reporter Ruben Salazar, along with citizens Angel Diaz and Lynn Ward were killed. Numerous persons were wounded and hundreds were jailed by the L.A. Police and Sheriff’s Department, including national Chicano leader, Rodolfo “Corky” Gonzales.

40 years after the original Chicano Moratorium Day, The Bay Area Xican@ Moratorium Coalition commemorates our struggle and chose to remember those who have dared to struggle for human rights, justice and our very own existence via the Xican@ Moratorium Day at Dolores Park, San Francisco California.

DJ Brake
Las Bomberas
Head Rush
La Familia Peña Govea
Yosimar Reyes

*Free community services!

Join us tomorrow for the Xican@ Moratorium at Dolores Park in SF,CA 12-5pm!!!

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