Tuesday, September 7, 2010


This Saturday, Sep. 11th 2010 is the book launch party for My Mission, illustrated by my homie Rio Yañez and edited by my homegirl Amanda Martinez... I'll be working the event, so see you then homies!

Click HERE and listen to a radio interview with Rio and Amanda on KPFA 94.1fm talking about the book...

Book Launch Party Saturday September 11th at Artillery Gallery and Apparel, 2751 Mission Street, 7p.m. -11p.m. Special offer book and t-shirt for $20.


xenia said...

congrats on your book! where can i find the zines you guys had for sale at sf zinefest?

La Moussy said...

Qvole Xenia,

It's actually not my book, it's a collaboration between my friends Rio Yañez and Amanda Martinez... I think maybe because I named the post My Mission Book, it might look like it's my book, but it's called "My Mission" and it's not my work, sorry, lol.... We only had a very small batch of Zines for the fest, but we are making some more, I'll put a post up when we do so people can buy them.