Tuesday, October 26, 2010


When people make references to certain "American" 80's-early 90's pop movies like "Pretty in Pink", "The Breakfast Club" or "The Goonies" I'm all Hu!!!??? They can't understand how I've never seen those films, and I love telling them how when I was a kid I was Hella Hella Mexican hahaha... I never seen them because I was too busy watching mis telenovelas with my mom and tias... You say "Pretty in Pink", I say "Quinceañera"... You say "The Breakfast Club", and I say "Muchachitas". I think it was 5th grade when I discovered English tv and MTV, before then all I watched was telenovelas and El Chavo del Ocho hahaha. Below are the theme songs and beginning credits to a few of my favorite Mexican Telenovelas... shit wachu know about some "Cuna de Lobos"...Chale!!!

Dayyyyyummm!!! Catalina Creel don't fuck around ayyyy!!!!

Ummmm, Can you say 80's!!!

Who can forget this coming of age classic "Quinceañera" (above) with the iconic Mexican actress Talia who later became the star of what I like to call Las Marias Trilogy of Mexican telenovelas with "Maria Mercedes" (below), "Mari Mar", y "Maria la del Barrio"... and who later became Mrs. Mottola! Yesssirr you heard that right, she straight up took Mariah Carey's vato... Don't ever underestimate the powers of a beautiful Mexican women!!! lol

Check out Erik Estrada "Ponch" as the leading man in "Dos Muejeres Un Camino" Whattttttt???!!!!

I'll end this post by saying that in 4th grade my friend and I performed the theme song to "Dos Mujeres Un Camino" at our school talent show and we Hella rocked that shit... daisy dukes and cowgirl boots y todo, Shhhhaaaaoooowwwww!!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010


Before there were East L.A. cholitas there were Bolivian Cholitas...
Watcha, they don't fuck around ayyyy!!!

Set in the heights of the Bolivian Andes, Mamachas del Ring is the story of Carmen Rosa the Champion, an indigenous woman who struggles to make it on her own in the male-dominated world of Bolivian professional wrestling. Up until Carmen arrived, Bolivia had never seen an indigenous woman take her petticoats and bowler hat into the ring, and the crowds couldn't get enough. But the pressures of daily living and gendered responsibilities begin to eat away at Carmen, until one day her husband issues her a firm ultimatum: wrestling or your family.

75 min., Directed by Betty M Park

Sunday, October 17, 2010


A few weeks ago I posted the teaser for my homegirls new music video where I play a bored housewife... Now check out Miss Eyeasage a.k.a. Rocky Rivera's new video
"Trick Habit!!!"

Many thanks to all involved in the video, I had a blast!!! and now some more of Miss Eyesage...

and her husband BAMBU is hella dope too, check it...

Hella Filipino Pride up in here!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010


What will the homies do this Halloween? Maybe you should come kick it Lowrider Dia de los Muertos estilo at "La Mission" CD Release VIP Party down at Roccapulco Night Club... Donde? Pos en la mera mera Misson SF!!! Did you say Lowrider Oldies Dance Party? Hellz Yeah, I'm down ayyyy!!!

What: Songs of La Mission CD Release VIP Party... Lowrider Show... Low & Slow Fashion Show... and Dia de los Muertos Celebration!!!

When: Sunday, Oct.31st 2010 3pm-11pm

3140 Mission St. Sf, Califas 94110 (Mission St & Cesar Chavez)

Event Schedule: Lowrider Car Show & DJ Bobby A @ 3pm
Fashion Show and Lowrider Videos @ 4pm
DJ Sandy Cuadra spinning oldies and some poetry @ 5pm
La Mission Band live @ 6-8pm
Salsa with Mambo Street @ 8-11pm

Tickets are $20.00 and it included a "La Mission" Soundtrack CD... you can purchase your tickets at: or Julio Records 2884 Mission St. SF, Califas

Songs from La Mission features music from the Peter and Benjamin Bratt film La Mission and reflects the culture and history of San Francisco’s Mission District. The music will be performed live at a special CD Release Party event that includes a lowrider car show, the all-star La Mission Band, oldies DJ Bobby A, local salsa band Mambo Street and DJ Sandy Cuadra, a benefit for “The ChoCoLate Project”.

The ChoCoLate Project is a educational & auto training program led by community activist & artist Roberto Y. Hernandez for Mission youth who are learning to transform a 1937 Chevy Master arduously to its original splendor and beyond featuring custom upholstery, re-built engine, body work, custom paint, re-built transmission, and a hydraulic system.

La Mission Band is an All-Star group of local Bay Area musicians led by Music Supervisor Greg Landauwho wrote the new oldies-style lowrider classic songs from the film La Mission. The band will perform all the songs featured on the Round Whirled Records release Songs From La Mission, plus a few classics.

Come hear the songs from the film La Mission performed live by La Mission Band, check out the Low & Slow Fashion Show and chill to some firme oldies!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


This last Sunday I worked on a photo shoot for my homie Mike Giant's next project... it was a blast as always, here's a few behind the scenes shots...

Mike doing his thang...

It's not a Mike Giant shoot if you ain't got plenty of the herbalicious... and believe me, we ain't complaining about it either!!!

Once again I'm doing a trade for this gig and I'm getting a new tattoo by Mike, I'm hella excited for some new ink and I'm not sure what to get yet... gotta think about this one for a minute here. I can't wait to see the final images of the shoot all tatted up and shit ... Always a pleasure Señor Gigante, until next time!!!


At the beginning of this summer I started a tomato and chili garden with my baby sister... she had too much time on her hands so we decided to start a little project. Take a look at our final results...

Today I'm roasting some of these here tomatoes and chiles and making some bomb-ass salsa... Watchale!

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Last month I had a photo shoot with the homies Meligosa, Rio Yañez, and his jefito Rene Yañez for some promotional stuff for their annual SOMARTS Dia de los Muertos show... Below are the final images and some before and after behind the scenes pics...

If you didn't know about my love for bikes, well now you do... I love riding my bike, she's a Raleigh, and her name is "La Matona", she's a Dia de los Muertos bici. Both Meligosa and I are riders hasta la muerte, it's definitely the best way to get around the city and a great workout, bets the gym for sure...


Me and my bici "La Matona" y Meligrosa with her "Frenchie"


I'm fancy like that!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


This last weekend El Angel and I took a little road trip to San Juan Bautista, Califas for the Deadend Magazine's Carne Asada, I've posted about them before and I just can't say it enough, but I love the work that the Espinoza brothers and the Deadend familia are doing... click HERE to see Deadend Magazine's newest issue so you can see what I'm talking about, I literally was glued to the screen for hours while I read and stared at all the amazing images. Here's a few flickas of the carne asada...

Juan Espinoza of Deadend and El Angel

The event took place at Valerio's in San Juan Bautista, Califas

We were surrounded by crops and the air smelled like pure fresh earth, reminded me of growing up in Oxnard as a lil morrita... my parents worked the strawberry fields and the smell is engraved in my soul forever... Shout outs and much respect to all the hardworking Raza and their families who work the crops year round... the unheard heroes of this land we call U.S of A!!!

Many thanks to the Deadend Familia for hosting this event, we had a great time!!!


This Saturday it's on suckas... I'm ready to get all dressed up and boogie the night away at "The Soulero's Ballroom Revue" event thrown by StreetLow Magazine en San Jose, Califas. The artist lineup for the art show part of the event is off the hook, and if you like to boogie with your elbows up to some firme oldies this is where you should be... so clean up that ranfla, crease those pants/dress, call your vato or ruca up and cruise down to the ball, See you there homies!!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010


A couple of weeks ago I got together with the homies Meligrosa, Rio Yañez and his dad Rene Yañez for a photo shoot for the upcoming annual SOMARTS Dia de los Muertos show here in SF. Check out the dope flyer for the show featuring Miss Meligrosa and myself... I can't wait for the show, details below!!!


Dia de los Muertos 2010

Dedicated to the centennial celebration of the Mexican Revolution

and to Maria de la Asuncion Lopez

SOMArts Cultural Center

934 Brannan Street (at 8th) San Francisco, CA 94103

(415) 863-1414

Gallery Hours: Tuesday to Friday, 12:00PM-7:00PM Saturday, 12:00PM-5:00PM


Friday, Oct. 8th / 6:00PM-9:00PM / $5.00-$10.00 Sliding Scale

Featuring Contemporary Chicano Music by singer Liliana Herrera & guitarist Jose Roberto plus a special performance by Tania Llambelis & the Oakland Improv Collective. Artist Market of Dia de los Muertos crafts and art for sale in our Lobby.

TICKETS: and at the door

Saturday, Nov. 6th / 5:00PM-7:30PM / $5.00-$10.00 Sliding Scale


8:00PM-9:30PM / $50.00 (General Admission)

TICKETS: and at the door

Join SOMArts for a very special benefit concert and help us

reach our fundraising goal of $8,000! To help us out, the San

Francisco Symphony will present Quinteto Latino in a special

Dia de los Muertos program of classical music performed by

the sumptuous voices of flute, oboe, clarinet, French horn and

bassoon. $50.00 tickets include a $25.00 tax-deductible

donation. Only 100 seats are available for this performance.


Patricia A. Montgomery, Elizabeth Addison, Alegandra Aguin, Susana Aragon, Adrian Arias, Miranda Bergman, Bolton, Carla Caletti, Victoria Canby, Hersalia Cantoral, Martha Castrillo, Alicia Cruz-Hunt, Rick Darnell, Lucinda DeNatale, Lanell Dike, Irene Dogmatic, Annamarta Dostourian, Jimi Evins, Candi Farlice, Juliet Flower MacCannell, deCoy Gallerina, Gato, Penny Green, CJ Grossman, Bjorn Heinbach, Judy Johnson-Williams, John Leaños, Steven Leyba, Gina Lim, Amanda Lopez, Bruno Lopez, Ytaelena Lopez, Dean MacCannell, Marin Primary & Middle School 6th Grade Class, Jeff Marshall, Susan Matthews, Mary Molly Mullaney, Jane Norling, Antjuan Oden, Carla Oden, Rick Palazolo, Laura Prives, Brenda Rasmussen, Denise Richards, Andrew Samuels, Jos Sances, Anne Schnake, Shizue Seigel, Malik Seneferu, Judy Shintani, Carol, Stewart, David Tafolla, Lia Tealdi, Tp28-J, Manuel Trujillo, Wilton Woods, Rene Yañez, Rio Yañez, Victor Mario Zaballa, Cruz Zamarron and others.