Tuesday, October 26, 2010


When people make references to certain "American" 80's-early 90's pop movies like "Pretty in Pink", "The Breakfast Club" or "The Goonies" I'm all Hu!!!??? They can't understand how I've never seen those films, and I love telling them how when I was a kid I was Hella Hella Mexican hahaha... I never seen them because I was too busy watching mis telenovelas with my mom and tias... You say "Pretty in Pink", I say "QuinceaƱera"... You say "The Breakfast Club", and I say "Muchachitas". I think it was 5th grade when I discovered English tv and MTV, before then all I watched was telenovelas and El Chavo del Ocho hahaha. Below are the theme songs and beginning credits to a few of my favorite Mexican Telenovelas... shit wachu know about some "Cuna de Lobos"...Chale!!!

Dayyyyyummm!!! Catalina Creel don't fuck around ayyyy!!!!

Ummmm, Can you say 80's!!!

Who can forget this coming of age classic "QuinceaƱera" (above) with the iconic Mexican actress Talia who later became the star of what I like to call Las Marias Trilogy of Mexican telenovelas with "Maria Mercedes" (below), "Mari Mar", y "Maria la del Barrio"... and who later became Mrs. Mottola! Yesssirr you heard that right, she straight up took Mariah Carey's vato... Don't ever underestimate the powers of a beautiful Mexican women!!! lol

Check out Erik Estrada "Ponch" as the leading man in "Dos Muejeres Un Camino" Whattttttt???!!!!

I'll end this post by saying that in 4th grade my friend and I performed the theme song to "Dos Mujeres Un Camino" at our school talent show and we Hella rocked that shit... daisy dukes and cowgirl boots y todo, Shhhhaaaaoooowwwww!!!!


city girl rides said...

ay ay ay, i remember el chavo de ocho! growing up, i used to watch telenovelas with my tia all the time and ask her to translate the things i didn't understand. i miss those days...

Marble$ said...

Maria Mercedes! I remember the theme song and everythang!!! hahaha

jesuisblonde said...

Me too! All I watched was novelas on univision and telemundo. I loved agujetas de color de rosa, lazos de amor, and all the thalia novelas