Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I'm not a big fan of Top 40 hits and that kinda shit, but once in a while there's a few jams that just make me wanna hit replay over and over again, make me feel all sexy and cute, and then I find myself dancing in my room, getting ready to go out... These are the songs I'm currently jamming to. Don't judge me ayyy!!!

Yes, Kanye West comes off as an arrogant asshole, but I can't deny his genius mind and the great music he produces... plus if I was that famous I would go crazy too. His video "Runaway" is pretty much epic, and so beautifully made, if you haven't see it I suggest you watch the whole thing... Trip out ayyyy!!!

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Nopal Xochitl said...

I've been jamming the fuck out of Aston Martin Music too!! I love Ricky Ross!