Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Last Sunday I had the honor to attend the 40th Anniversary Gala for Galeria de la Raza at Bravo Theater en La Mission SF... it was one of the best nights I've had in a very, very long time to say the least...

I finally got to see Guillermo Gomez Peña (above) perform, and he officially blew me away! He is the artistic director of La Pocha Nostra, and his performance piece was so witty, clever, politically charged, and extremely hilarious... I can't wait to collaborate with him, it's gonna be off the hook! Here is a tiny taste of his work...

One of the nights honorees was my homie Rene Yañez (above) ... he is one of the founders of Galeria de la Raza from back in the 70's, and has been a fixture in the Bay Areas' art scene for some time now. A wonderful human being, and an incredible artist and curator, he is so deserving of the recognition and we are all very proud and happy for him. Congratulation Rene, and thank you for all you have done for the community!!!

My homie Pablo Cristi (above), myself, and his fancy mustachio!!!

Got to see my homies Melanie Cervantes (above) and Jesus Barraza (below) from Dignidad Rebelde... always a pleasure to see you both!!!

Miss Ana Teresa Fernandez, Raquel de Anda a.k.a. "Rocky" and I... Anna is an amazingly talented artist, and Raquel is leaving Galeria after 6 years of curating... wishing them both great luck with any and all future projects and journeys!!!

When I heard that Sandra Cisneros would be one of the honorees of the night I knew I couldn't miss out on the chance to meet her. She is by far one of my favorite Chicana authors EVER!!! I have been a fan of hers since I read The House on Mango Street in the 6th grade... I then moved on to reading her poetry and really fell in love with her work, I especially love her poetry book Loose Women. She has been an inspiration, a role model, and a teacher to me... and now I get to meet her, and have her sign my book? Hellz Yeah!!!!!

and we soon became homegirls... well not really, but at least it looks like we did hahaha, I was so freaking star struck I was speechless. How do I tell someone I've never meet that I love them? that her words have inspired me to be a strong, intelligent, independent woman?... well, I don't tell her this, but just hope that she can see it in my eyes. I'm pretty sure she gets this type of reaction all the time. Definitely one of the highlights of my life... and one more thing to scratch off my bucket list!!!

Got to see Miss Jenny Prieto a.k.a. "La Adelita Pata de Perro"(far left) too that night, she's so damn sweet! Look at us, soooo happy!!! hahaha

After the gala I headed down the street to Galeria de la Raza for their monthly literary "Lunada"... this time the special guest was my homegirl Felicia "Fe" Montes, who came all the way from East L.A. to delight us with her powerful words and song... she is hella tight... a poet, activist, community organizer, artist, and crafty lady, she is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Also got to see my pretty friend Tina... a great end to a beautiful night full of friends, art, and lots of love. And now I leave you with a video poem by La Fe... Watcha!!!

Oh, one more thing... I would like to give my homeboy Rio Yañez a shout out for being my date for the evening, and for being my private photographer (hence his absence from photos of that evening)... I had a blast, so Gracias Amigo!!!

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