Thursday, November 25, 2010


Artwork (above) by mi novio El Angel...
Check out more arte and some firme rolas on his blog


Anonymous said...

It was back in 1960- 1965 when I cruised "Whittier, Blvd." back then I was a member of "Blue Satin". There were plenty of bands that played the Montebello Ballroom, St. Alphonsos, the Big union and little union halls. Those were the days the street belonged to everyone. Spanish was the second language and mostly at home. It depends. Me, I was a Chicano born and raised. I lived in Estrada Courts, Barrio Nuevo. (Que Viva La Raza. En el ano'mas loco) The ladies are still or looking finer than ever. My women always made me feel like a total man. You know a vato loco. Protected her with my vida. They called me "Baby" No se porque? I guess it got picked up when my mother called me in for dinner. She would yell it out. Or throw me a chifle. Be good to one another. Keep your friends close to you and your enemies closer.

Anonymous said...

EVERYBODY cruised the "Blvd" back then. I'm a white boy, but hell, the "Blvd" didn't care who you were just what you drove! Best have a fine ride to take off down the Blvd. Like the man said, "The ladies are still looking fine!" I'm 65 yrs old now, but old cruiser's like us NEVER forget the 60's on the Blvd! What a blast that was!!!

Juanito Loco!!