Friday, December 24, 2010


Feliz Navidad!!! I hope you all have a great time with the homies and familia!!! I just wanted to share this film that I finally found after many years of searching for it... I was trying to remember what all these messed up scenes that would randomly pop-up in my head through out the years were coming from. I first saw this movie as a kid in Mexico, and ever since it has been haunting my mind, and I think about it every year during Navidad time. This movie is kinda fucked up, even for adults it can be kinda creepy but overall its still full of Christmas joy... it was filmed in Mexico City by Rene Cardona, and released in 1959. The storyline goes a little like this:

Any movie that has El Cu-Cuy (devil) in it scares the shit out of me, now mixed with Santa Claus? You know this movie fucked up a lot of little niƱos, jut like me, now even as an adult it haunts me, that's when you know it's a really good film. Enjoy!!!

(the video above is the full complete film, it's in english but it was originally made in Spanish... the first 20min or so are slow but then it gets creepy)

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Natalya said...

you find the coolest shit!