Sunday, May 9, 2010


On Saturday, my main Breezy Marisol a.k.a. "PartySoul" and I went to the Stanford Powwow... We got Hella Native up in that bitch...

I bought some sick beaded arrows to hang on my living room wall, and some dope jewelry...

I also got to munch on some delicious Indian Tacos, yummmmmy!!!

The dancers where awesome as always, and their outfits were soooo beautiful!!!

The Breezys had an awesome time at the powwow... it rained this morning, and I believe it was our Native Breezy rain dance that made it rain on them ho's!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010



Is this what I would look like if I had full sleeves and a neck placaso of my vatos name? Where do I sign up? Not to blow my own horn but that shit looks hella hot! Should I do it? I think I just might! Well maybe not the name on my neck, but those sleeves look hella firme! Fast forward 30 years from now, and I'm gonna be the coolest abuelita around!!!

(Original photo by Amanda Lopez for Mama Clothing, Placaso photoshop by Ken Zilka)


It's that time once again homeboys and homegirls, that time to cruise! Come through this Friday May 7th, we meet at 1/4 Giant Burger on 22nd & Telegraph in Oakland, Ca at 7pm. Oldies bumping through the speakers, firme ranflas, delicious burgers, cold chelas, and chill folks... I promise you'll have a fun time! I'll be there with El Angel selling his Pues Orale merchandise. See ya there homies!