Friday, December 24, 2010


Feliz Navidad!!! I hope you all have a great time with the homies and familia!!! I just wanted to share this film that I finally found after many years of searching for it... I was trying to remember what all these messed up scenes that would randomly pop-up in my head through out the years were coming from. I first saw this movie as a kid in Mexico, and ever since it has been haunting my mind, and I think about it every year during Navidad time. This movie is kinda fucked up, even for adults it can be kinda creepy but overall its still full of Christmas joy... it was filmed in Mexico City by Rene Cardona, and released in 1959. The storyline goes a little like this:

Any movie that has El Cu-Cuy (devil) in it scares the shit out of me, now mixed with Santa Claus? You know this movie fucked up a lot of little niƱos, jut like me, now even as an adult it haunts me, that's when you know it's a really good film. Enjoy!!!

(the video above is the full complete film, it's in english but it was originally made in Spanish... the first 20min or so are slow but then it gets creepy)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I ran into the South African group Die Antwoord while searching for some dope-ass dance music that I could really get down to, and not feel like I'm at a fucking rave filled with people on E... and I was instantly hooked! When you first listen to their music you will notice the sick beats witch are made using one of the oldest PC computers ever, but then their videos will kinda blow your mind a little. They come from the slums/trailer parks of Johannesburg, South Africa... yeah right, who knew they had white trash/hillbillies there... I love knowing that trashy lives everywhere in the world, not just here in the U.S.of A!!!

If you haven't seen the new show on MTV "The Vice Guide to Everything", well they did a piece on them and it was pretty good (below), it will explain a bit of their creative, trashy, genius... enjoy!!!

(this is a full episode of the show, so you will have to skip to that part but I would watch the whole thing cuz it's pretty cray cray!!!)

Monday, December 13, 2010


OHHH MY FREAKING JESUS!!! I can die happy now... thanks to the Great and Almighty, John Waters!!! There's only a few artist who will make me feel so excited, and give me so much anxiety that I'll want to puke, and he would fall into this category. I have been a fan of his work for a long time, and never really imagined myself meeting him in person, but Yes, it has happened and I've been on cloud 9 ever since...

For those of you who don't know who John Waters is read HERE... for all of you others who have had the pleasure of reading his books, or watching his films, I hope you understand my demented love for this man... he is so wrong in so many ways and that's what makes him so intriguing and fabulous... he says the things that no one else says but are thinking, and does this with such positivity and creativity that you can't help but love him!!!

As a Christmas present my Breezy aka RoxC Brown (above) bought me a ticket to see John Waters Christmas Special at the Roxie Theater en La Mission, SF... With this being The Roxies first ever fundraiser since becoming an official non-profit organization, it really felt that we were part of La Missions history, for the Roxie has been around for many many years and to be able to share this with my Breezy and Waters it really was a dream come true!!!

I'm not sure if I've mention it before on my blog, but I'm a huge movie buff, and so is RoxC Brown, and together we have a female only (sorry boys) movie club called CCBF "Cult Classic Bitch Flick", we invite all the homegirls to meet once a month and watch a movie from a very carefully selected list of cult films... these films have to have a strong female lead character that kicks ass, and we have showed almost all of Waters films because we love his genius!!!

He was as funny, and nice as I though he would be... I couldn't take my eyes off him, I soooo wanna be his fag hag!!! lol

After the show followed a fabulous photo shoot in the ladies room... impromptu photo shoots happen all the time when you hang out with the Breezys...

My Breezy La Rox C Brown (above) looking hella cute... hayyyyy!!!

Look at me (above) trying to represent for all the Snookies and Divines in the world... soooo trashy glamourous , I love it!!!

Breezys Hella Love John Waters!!!

I'm more than positive you have seen some of his films... Have you seen Hairspray? or Cry Baby? those are some of his more main stream ones...
or Pink Flamingos? maybe Female Trouble, or Pecker? some of his more cult films...
If not check out some clips below!!!

I want to give thanks to my Breezy RoxC Brown for making my dreams come true, and to John Waters for being such a creative inspiration... I think he should make a film about Cholas and I should definitely be in it... It will be Divine!!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Wake Up Homegirls!!! I know it ain't easy and times can be tough, but you deserve better... It's cool if you wanna chill with the homies, and represent for La Raza or your barrio, but don't waste your life doing stupid shit and surrounding yourself with folks who only wanna bring you down cuz at the end of the day you will be the only one paying for the mistakes you make... Be a leader not a follower!!!

I think it's funny how the lady on this video (Barbara) wants to show the homegirls how to apply make-up and do their hair.... SHIEEETT!!! Does she know who she's talking to? We are experts at the art of make-up... nobody can use liquid eyeliner and lip liner like we do, and do I gotta get into hair cuz NOBODY can tease bangs like we do Okayyyyy!!! But I give her mad props for leading these young morritas in the right dirrection...

Stay Trucha Homegirls and Don't Let Nobody Get You Down!!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


The homie Mincho Vega aka Borish from Trust Your Struggle Crew is having an art show "Elegy" this Thursday Dec.9th from 6-10pm @ Camaradas 2241 1st Ave in Manhattan NYC... If you're in the east coast you best be hollering at this event if you know what's good for ya!!! Checkout more Borish HERE!!!