Friday, January 14, 2011


My homie Frankie Quiñones just released his new Funny or Die comedy sketch video called "Cholo Whisperer" and it's fucking hilarious!!! Frankie and I used to work on the same block years and years ago, and we both grew up in Oxnard, Califas as kids so we got that cholo connection going on... I'm super proud of everything he's accomplished as a comedian, he's definitely representing for us Chicanos and peoples of color... Keep doing what chu doing homie!!!

Also, check out Frankies website HERE for upcoming comedy shows in your hood, I promise he will make you pee your pants!!!


elponk said...

that great!

Vinylrichie (VR3K) said...

I got family in Oxnard. Spent alot of years out there. Off Gonzales st near Rose. 805