Friday, January 28, 2011


This movie is coming out this week, and I have some mixed feelings about it. Yes, I'm glad we Latinos seem to be having a little more mainstream media exposure, yet it's still the same stereotypical roles, and then again it's just a teen movie right, or is it? I wonder how damaging roles like these really are to our Latino community, or if it's actually doing us some good by putting issues we as a community are currently dealing with out for the world to see and try to understand... hummmm? I don't know, I feel like it's good to have roles played by brown peeps that aren't necessarily those of maids, or cholos and such, so that other non-color people can see that we too have rich stuck up valley girls, and we too can sport "real" Prada and don't just have our tias and abuelitas sewing that shit in garment factories for pennies on the dollar... and although I understand how cholo or maid roles can feel like they're being over played, I actually quite enjoy films that have characters I can identify with, cuz I for sure can't identify with these Prada wearing chicas, but I can with some cholas! I mean what's the difference between the old "negative" stereotypes and these new "rich girl, can speak Spanish, embarrassed of their culture" roles? All I'm saying is that I'm sure there's a way to create a film that will carry a positive message, with well thought out characters that don't reinforce stereotypes but that we can still relate to and can help show the world how bad ass our culture and Raza is, right? Anywayz, I'm done ranting, I just hope this movie is not as messed up as Disney's "Beverly Hills Chihuhua", I can't fucking believe they made a sequel to that shit too, fuck you Disney cuz that shit is hella not cool... I guess brown peeps are taking over Beverly Hills or something!!!

and like J.Lo says "Love Don't Cost a Thing"... cuz you never know when you'll be going from Prada to Nada, hahahaha!!!

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