Sunday, February 13, 2011


Ah Yes, the day finally came for Amor Eterno's "Cholo Love Jam" and it was a good time indeed!!! Check out some pics from the night...

Los homies, Alfonso, El Chamuco, Chet a.k.a Casper, y El Angel...

The lovely Renne Castro... she's so sweet and a dope artist, a favorite of mine for sure!!!

Las Chicanitas... Maya a.k.a. Miss Cherry Bomb y La Maussy a.k.a Breezy

My Boo El Angel and I...

El Chamuco, Breezy, El Angel

Las Homegirls!!!

Outside of Amor Eterno, piece by Chris Granillo...

Some velvet paintings hanging on the walls... These two were done by El Chamuco of Amor Eterno!!!

This dope piece was done by ElRod... she's so sick right!!! I want it so bad, I wonder if she takes layaway? lol

Next time you know not to miss a party at Amor Eterno... good times are definitely promised!!!

1 comment:

ELROD said...

...GASP* you think I'm sick? Sa-wooon!
Thanks girl, much love, much love.
Wish I would have gotten a pic with you at the show, until the next jam~