Tuesday, February 8, 2011


My dream of meeting Chicano comic artist Jaime Hernandez came true last Friday at the opening reception for "Novelas, Love, and Other Adventures" at MACLA , and being able to share an exhibit with him, Rio Yañez, and Favianna Rodriguez was just the icing on the pastel...
Jaime y La Breezy... we talked a lot about growing up in Oxnard, Califas and when he signed my book he wrote "Two words... BIG CHIQUES" (Chiques=biggest gang in [La Colonia] Oxnard) that solidified our cholo connection and the rest is history. I look forward to visiting his studio next time I'm down in L.A.!!!

The always lovely Miss Amanda Lopez, myself, and Rio = Hella!!!

My boo El Angel and I

Below is a lil video that the local San Jose University newspaper made... sorry for my tacky gum chewing I was kinda caught off guard, you

After the show we headed down the street to the bar to celebrate my birthday... Thanks for the drinks Jaime!!!
The Dream Team!!!!

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