Sunday, February 13, 2011


The film Vatos Locos is premiering this May 5th, and starring the one and only "Miklo" (Damian Chapa) from probably the best cholo film ever made and a personal favorite Blood In Blood Out. Okay, I don't mean to be such a hater, but really I can't help it, it's like these vatos locos are asking for it! First of all, Miklo is hella old now, and looks more and more like Joe Pesci, don't you think? lol... Secondly, this film is way too violent, I mean yeah it's dealing with gangs and we all know what that entails but why all the blood dude?, too gory for this chola... less gore, more cultura is what I say! Lastly, WHY??? It's obvious they are trying to make this a sort of sequel to Blood In Blood Out but this shit don't even come close! Why fuck with a good thing? Miklo just needs to kick back and let us remember him as the down-ass white homie that dusted El Spider, and became El Jefe of La Onda!!! I mean if you're gonna mess with a good things it better blow my mind, and this film just kinda blows, period. Pobrecito Milkweed!!!

Like it or not, La Onda Lives!!! Vatos Locos Forever!!!


Seanito guey said...

what the hell?? this is not tight.

Anonymous said...

Dale chola! I totally agree, first movie is a classic! That is why I guess Benjamin Brat and the other dude that played Cruz didn't even wanna get near this hot mess. My favorite line is when Popeye says "ok you white bitch give me some chon-chon!" LOL, Classic!!