Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I guess it's taco week or something... but Tacos + Art?!!! That's an art show after my own heart!!! North Bay you need to show your face here and support the homies... it's not very often that dope shows like these happen in Napa Califas, believe me I used to live up there... so don't be a leva and come out, eat some bomb tacos, check out some firme arte, support your community of artist and stand for something, TACOS NOT WAR!!!

Friday, May 6th from 6:00pm — 9:00pm

Wildcat Loft
1210 First Street, Napa, CA

This is a high-octane art exhibit intended to generate feelings of pas­sion and love for all mankind thru the medium of the printers’ ink. Revolutionary, thought provoking, highly flammable and very spicy, we will feed your mind with images intended to change the world thru the magic created when art and taco’s collide.

North Bay Artist and Printmaker Lawrence ‘El’ Colacion in collabo­ration with friends:
Jon-Paul Bail,
Jesus Barraza,
Melanie Cervantes,
Ron Donovan,
Xico Gonzalez,
Don Rock,
Winston Smith,
Julio Sori ano, &
Chuck Sperry have created images on paper in response to war on planet earth.
Local Tiki Tycoon Jose Mendez will have his hand crafted Jivaro style shrunken heads on display for some skin crawling excitement.
Napa Chef Frank Hernandez will be slappin’ together some of the best taco’s this side of Juarez you’ll ever eat.
Live Musica by Sean Allan & The Mean Time Playboys!
Exercise your freedom to invite all your friends!!


GARZA said...

That's so cool! A show about tacos and art... freaking AMAZING

Popeye said...

Stanford Pow Wow this weekend !!!!

I know you posted something about the Pow Wow last year so I just wanted to give you a heads up. It's on again this weekend.