Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I like watching movies about prison life... I think I just like to scare myself straight. Nowadays you can land en la pinta for any little fucking reason, like smoking herb... can you believe that?! It's so stupid!!! Prisons are nothing but a business, there's whole towns making a living off these inmates... the more people are incarcerated the more money they make, it's like modern day slavery I tell ya! Here are a few of my favorite films about la pinta (prison) in no specific order...

The film "Felon" shows just how easy it is to land in prison... even when you are a good guy trying to make an honest living for you and your family shit can happen that will turn your life upside down.

Before there was Will Smith and Martin Lawrances' "Bad Boys" there was Sean Penn's "Bad Boys"... it doesn't take place in a state prison but in a juvenile facility, but who are we kidding most juvenile offenders will most likely end up en la pinta, sad but true... that's just how this fucked up system works. I also really like this film cuz "Bob" (Esai Morales) from La Bamba is in it and he's such a hottie.

"American Me" and "Blood In Blood Out" are a given, duh! Don't talk to me if you haven't seen these film, for reals... even my moms has seen them. They're on my top 5 film list ever... I can quote them all day. I'm more than fascinated with the history of the Mexican Mafia... like it or not it's part of our Mexican American history, I'm not saying we gotta repeat this way of thinking or am I in any way condoning their actions, just know it exist and educated yourself on the issues that have caused the Mexican Mafia to come about.

I really enjoyed watching "A Prophet," it's been compared to "The Godfather" and I'd have to agree to an extend, except this takes place in Europe... I'm always interested in other countries prison systems, how they work, and the different prison gangs that inhabit them.

"Animal Factory" is a good one, and Danny Trejo a.k.a. Machete is in it... watch it!!! 

Hummm, How do I describe "Bronson?" It's like prison art, a must see!!! 

Okay, this next one is not really a prison film but it kinda is... I mean they're incarcerated, they don't have their freedom, and if you're not crazy when you get to prison you most likely will be by the time you get out. Besides the characters in "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" are probably more sane than any of us out here, they're just a little misunderstood. It's one of my favorite books/films ever!

Moral of the story (there's no story just videos): Don't get caught up boo, cuz once you're in the system it's really hard to get out, plus you don't wanna be anybody's little puppet do ya!!!

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