Saturday, July 16, 2011


Awww man, this movie hits home... and not only for me but for so many Brown folks trying to have a better life in the good ol' US of A (Aztlan). All these fucked up laws like SB1070 try to make it so hard for us to work, go to school, to drive, to travel, and pretty much makes racial profiling legal... the seemingly overwhelming anti-immigration sentiment going around can feel scary, but the reality is only a small percentage of the US population feels this way, the bad thing is they have the money and resources to spread the hate around. What we have to do is not fall victim to these assholes, and keep fighting for our rights as human beings, and as rightful residents of this land. Don't be scared, because you know that deep inside these racist jerks are more scared than us... scared that our numbers are growing and we will soon take back what's ours. Try to stay out of trouble, try to break the stereotypes, show them wrong, let them see that we work harder than they do, that we live honest lives, and that we have compassion for people as they should too... and always speak up for injustices, we have a voice and a strong one at that...  La Lucha Sigue!!!

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mona said...

ahh i'm happy you posted this! this is the link i tried to share with you in my comment on the caminare video, but it didn't show up. films like this are important so that regular folks can relate and have something to be proud of. too many movies now only depict upper middle class lifestyles, which i think deludes people into thinking that's how everyone else lives and their life is particularly bad. i can't wait to see it!