Friday, July 22, 2011


I need your help!!! My homie, filmaker Pepe Urquijo is making a documentary about a friend of his Oscar Gomez, an Oldies DJ from UC Davis in Sacramento, Califas who was mysteriously killed in 1994. Please take a look at the trailer below...

Here is where you can help... the project is in need of funds to help finish the film, they have 9 days to raise a little over $18,000 in order to fulfill their KickStarter goal of $22,000. I know, I know we are in an economic crisis, and unemployment is high but I'm pretty sure you can spare a few bucks, donations start at $1, that means you can donate a few bucks or more if you can afford it only by not buying a soda today, or buying one less drink at the club tonight, or instead of spending $15 at the theater to watch some stupid mainstream movie you can donate to this film. I know I have a few thousand readers of my blog, imagine if each of you donated a few dollars we can easily come up with half of what's needed to fund this project. By doing so you will be helping so many people who have worked very hard to put this project together, and helping to spread the word around about Oscar's story in order to open up his unsolved murder case... Oscar needs justice, his family needs justice, we need justice!!! So Please Please Please take a minute and click HERE to go to the KickStarter page and donate, I promise it only takes a minute!
I feel like we always complain how we don't have enough films depicting the Chicano/ Latino experince here in the US, well here is your chance to help... please do so by donating mula, and spreading the word around, if you have a blog or website please post it, post it on Facebook, Tumblr, post it everywhere, I feels good to help... Lil Brown Baby Jesus will pay you back ten folds!!! Si Se Puede!!!

Check out this dope poster the homie Ernesto Yerena made... he's down for the cause, are you?!!!

R.I.P Oscar "Bandido" Gomez

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