Friday, October 19, 2012


TONIGHT!!!! Come out for a drink and support the kickstarter campaing for The Unique Ladies Car Club, an all ladies car club showing all the vatos that us women can cruise low and slow too... They are raising funds to complete a documentary about their club, and the struggles they face while doing this in a so-called "man's world"... I'm all for it and support them 100%, so let the homegirls get down ayyy!!!

Check out the trailer for the documentary below...

Cruising low and slow down the streets of Chicano San Diego is the city's only all-women's lowrider car club, The Unique Ladies. Pat and Sherry turn heads for their super slick and tricked out vehicles, and cause a stir by challenging a gender norm--where traditionally, men rule the road, and women take the sidelines. It's been a constant struggle to keep their club alive, however they've managed to make it to their fifth year. Now the ladies want to expand their club, inviting another lady lowrider to their club, Linda. The transition isn't proving easy, as the lowrider scene is still resistant to women taking the driver's seat.

Also this Monday Oct. 22 at the Cypress Park Library in Los Angeles Califas will be a sneak preview screening of The Unique Ladies documentary... roll by and support the homegirls!!!


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