Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I'm really excited to share with you all the newest project I've been honored to be a part of The Guzman Show, an animated series that follows the crazy adventures of a Mexican family who win the lottery and move to Beverly Hills. It's hilarious, somewhat controversial, and has a politically incorrect sense of humor, all of the components needed to make even the most uptight haters laugh. I was asked to be a part of the team by my homie Jesus who does the voice of Baby Cholo and also writes for the show. I play Rosalinda the Guzman's teenage daughter. She is the mother of Baby Cholo and has another one on the way, your typical teenage hoodrat... She searches for love in all the wrong places, isn't very smart but she loves her family very much. 
(just to make it clear I'm coming in on season 2, the voice of Rosalinda was done by someone else in season 1) 
I've never done voice over for an animated series so this was definitely something new for me and I found out I really liked doing it, so I can't wait to get working on the next episode. Thank you Erica, Claudia, Jerry and Jesus for allowing me to join the Guzman Familia and a shout out to the rest of the team Danny, Butch, and Dominic and all the behind the scenes homies who have made this experience hella fun!

Now check out the newest episode of The Guzman Show "Keeping Up With The Guzmans"...

Below are a couple of my favorite past episodes of The Guzman Show enjoy... (not my voice in these videos below)

Oh, and to those who can't see the humor in these videos and wanna talk shit about how Mexicans are being depicted in a bad light and how its racist and enforces negative stereotypes please Save It! You know damn well each and every member of the Guzman familia reminds you of someone in your own familia lol... Our team is just a bunch of MexChicanos making light hearted fun of other MexChicanos, no harm intended just having a little fun while making some hella funny cartoons, it's like they say "It's all fun and games until somebody gets butt-hurt!" hahaha But if you're interested in what the creators of the show have to say about this click HERE for the LatinaBeatz interview and you can also find us on Enjoy!

Thursday, June 6, 2013


The homies and neighbors across the street from mi casa at Amor Eterno Tattoo will be unveiling their new and improved tattoo and gallery space. Come out this Saturday June 8th @7pm for some tacos, beer, dope art work and good times guaranteed! My boo El Angel will have a piece in the show along with 25+ other amazing artist and homies that make up our beautiful East Bay community! 

You can check out past events I've attented at Amor Eterno HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE!!! See, good times all around... so don't be a leva, come out  support!!! Can't wait, see you homies Saturday night... Shhhaaauuuwww!!!

Amor Eterno Tattoo + Art Space presents
Amor Eterno 
New space unveiling and
25+ artists express Amor Eterno, eternal love.
DJ Casper + Aztec dancers + tacos + beer! 
Raffle for tattoo time and swag from AM and The Roll Up Bicycle Shop and Art Space 
Saturday June 8th 2013 7pm-midnight 

Sal and I are unveiling Amor Eterno in its new space, June 8th with an art exhibition dedicated to Amor Eterno, eternal love. Celebrating our expansion we wanted include all the artists who supported us through our adventure. 25 of the brightest and hardest working artists in the East Bay give their interpretation of deep, unwavering and passionate love.

Sal and I named the shop Amor Eterno for so many reasons; our love for each other, our love for art and tattoos, and our love for our family and the community of Oakland. It is the love and support from our family, friends and clients who have made it possible for us to grow. Truly a testament to the empowerment of the community, that with love, anything is attainable. 

On Saturday June 8th we will have hot tacos, cold beer and DJ Casper spinning oldies, doo wop and street jams. 

We are pleased to have an Aztec blessing at 7pm by Ollin Anahuac from Union City

Come celebrate art, Oakland and Amor Eterno. 

** Sponsored by the amazing folks at The Roll UP Bicycle and Art Space!! 

Gary Paul Barbosa-Prince
Brian Blanco
Renee Castro
Kimlyn Chun
Irene Takahashi-Coker
Justin Cortese
Salvador Chamuco Cortez
Sojna Dandy
Ken Davis
Octavio De La Paz
Angel Diaz
Paco Excel
Safety First
Jesse Foote
Bart Frescura
Chris Granillo
Xochtil Guerrero
Roberto Guerrero
Mike Hudgins
Teko Huerta
Aaron Jasper
Luis Marroquin
Jon Nagel
Joaquin Newman
Jerry Seguin
Marie Scherping
Ben Verhoek

Amor Eterno's new space is just across the drive way of the old. Same address 1227 18th Ave Oakland Califas 510.842.3620