Sunday, January 20, 2013


The homies from Deadend Magazine Juan and Jesus just premiered the first episode of their new web series called "Avenue". Filmed in Japan on their lasted trip there it shows a glimpse of how lowriders roll on that side of the globe.  I really like what they're doing out there, they got some nice rides, and they're down for the brown so I gotta respect that. Nice start to the series, can't wait to see what's to come...  Today is Juan's bithday so I want to give him a Birthday shout out Shhhaaauuuwww!!! 


If there is one thing my boo gets the most excited about it's cars, lowriders to be more specific. His eyes just light up and he gets this stupid grin on his face like a freaking kid in a candy store lol... His excitement is contagious and I can't help but to get on his level of excitement. Now let me just say this, the boo is not a very patient man lol but he is when he talks to me about cars... he would explain the world of cars to me if I was willing to sit and listen for more than an hour at a time, and for this I am entirely grateful because I never really knew how much I would come to enjoy car talk lol... I have learned so much about lowriders in the last five years listening to him rambling about this car part or that part, or this paint job or the other, more than I ever did just walking around the car shows being a little  hoodrat in the 90's hahaha! Now I know first hand how much more to this lifestyle there is, more than just going to the car shows to look at the cars, drink, and have fun, I mean I love doing that and I try to go to as many shows as I can but what I mean by this is that one doesn't see is all the preparation, skill, hard work, and sacrifices it takes to build a lowrider.

This year has been exceptionally hard on our wallets (well his more than mine) cuz the boo is getting "La Pulga Special", his '53 Chevy wagon that he's owned for almost ten years, to finally run. He's not planning on having a fancy lowrider with all the fixings, well at least not at this point. We call it "La Pulga Special" cuz most of the car parts used come from "La Pulga" (flea market). We just want an everyday runner that we can have as a family car to jump on the road for a cruise as we wish. With that said it's still a daily sacrifice to make whether it be financially or time wise. We've had to put many things aside for the time being just to make this dream for the boo finally realized... No fancy vacations, no new flat screen tv, no shopping sprees for this breezy. But that's just financial talk, the weekends with my boo are what I miss the most since it's the only time he can get to his uncles house to work on the wagon... But I know in the long run it will all be worth it. I will be sitting right next to the boo, bien apretaditos, cruising down the avenues bumping some firme rolas. If you ask me ain't nothing better than that! The goal is to have it running by summer, and the timing couldn't be perfect, it will be the last year of my 20's and I will be rolling into my 30's in style... Pues Orale Let's Roll!!! 

(Uncle Jose working on the wagon)

(Me modeling haha with the boo in the background working on the wagon)